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Toddla T and Cleo Sol ft Scrufizzer – Code To Crack (Carnival video)

Cleo Sol, Toddla T and Scrufizzer teamed up to create this carnival inspired banger! The video follows her journey on the day through the carnival which ends at Choice Carnival Party where I was hosting with Kojo. Was a great show and a great performance! I was looking out for myself at carnival but I’m thinking I was probably going crazy in a crowd somewhere else.

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VLOG: Omarion – Maybach O series

Having signed to Rick Ross’ label, Omarion has followed the likes of Meek Mill, Stalley and Rick Ross himself in kicking off his first VLOG entitled Maybach O series. 

The alcohol and partying and strippers and clubs are definitely NOT missing in action (hehe)! But come on Omarion show us something that we didn’t already know.

Although the production is tight i’m hoping the series will get a bit more juicy.


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NEW MUSIC: It’s My Life Whatever I wanna Do

Talented singer and song writer, Vennu Mallesh, has put his all into writing this song from the bottom of his heart.

He wrote:

My Life inspired me to write the lyrics, lyrics inspired me to compose tune, lyrics and tune inspired me to Sing. That’s what the actual happened to the ” Born of the Song”. 

Although feeling a little lost in translation you have to give him an A for effort!

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NEW MUSIC: Lady Leshurr – L YEAH! (Free Mixtape)

As you may or may not know I am a big supporter of the very talented Lady Leshurr, and she has just dropped her early anticipated mix tape L Yeah. 

Birmingham’s very own Leshurr has put together mixture of flows and styles proving her versatility. From her classic, comical, speedy flow to slowing it right down for a heart breaking love story in her own rendition of Usher’s Climax.

I’m impressed as I knew I would be!


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Craig David Surprises Fans at Their Wedding


Theo Coyne, 28, and his newly be wedded wife Lisa Potter-Coyne, 29 put a plan together that worked a treat! The happily married couple are massive fans of our boy Craig David and launched twitter and youtube campaign to get him to appear at their wedding.

The Craig David spoof that they did for 7 days is pretty cheesy but I got to shut my mouth now, because it worked!

Being the lovely, genuine guy that he is, Mr David flew all the way from LA to the wedding in rural Cambridgeshire and performed an hour set in the back garden. Oh the powers of youtube!

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LL Cool J Still Remembers “Mama Said Knock You Out” HE’S BACK!!


Old school lip-licking rapper turned actor, LL Cool J snapped into his TV police drama NCIS role when a burglar broke into his home in LA.

That burglar made a very silly decision when he decided to break into LL’s Studio City house in LA! Mr Cool J took him down and left him with a broken jaw and nose, he then retained him until police arrived to arrest him. This story reminds me of The Hangover, luckily i’m pretty sure LL doesn’t own any tigers!

Also sounds like we can look forward to the return of LL Cool J as he spoke to MTV about his absence and his regular role on NCIS he also commented on the music he hears on the radio right now.

”I don’t forget where I came from, and I love music. So it’s time for me to give those LL Cool J fans a real, proper, true album.”

”Sometimes I listen to the radio, and I might like the song, and I’ll recognise the artists, but I don’t know whose song it is. It’s five artists who all perform together on every record, and I don’t know whose record it is.

”I would say a lot of music right now is catering to 14 and 17-year-olds, and that’s totally OK, but there are people who grew up on hip-hop who are a little more mature and want to hear a different style of hip-hop.”

I am defo looking forward to his return, a modern day “Doing It” would be fantabulous haha.

Hey what ever happened to Leshaun?

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A$AP Rocky Performs on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ backed by The Roots


In preparation for the release of A$AP Mob’s Lord$ Never Worry album on August 28 and his solo debut LongLiveA$AP on September 11, Rocky took to the stage on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” with The Roots.

Rocky was suppose to perform here back in July but got into a little bit of a mix up with police. He sure made up for it with this performance, sporting all white everything with classic Timbo’s, he performed his hit Goldie being backed by The Roots.

With his new found swag and unique tone of voice I always find myself getting hypnotised by this fine specimen of a man! Damn I need to find myself a pretty boy lol


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MUSIC VIDEO: Mariah Carey – Triumphant (Get ‘Em) ft. Rick Ross, Meek Mill


Mariah Carey has made a mighty come back with the release of her new music video for Triumphant featuring Meek Mill and Rick Ross. The music video is set in a boxing arena in line with the olympics but don’t worry Mariah is not getting her Nicola Adams on, it’s Meek Mill who is the boxer and Rick Ross plays… Rick Ross!

At 42 years old Mariah Carey is doing her thang! After giving birth to twins she has defo kept her body in shape. Looking forward to the album which is set for release next year.

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Jhené Aiko talks on the release of her debut album ‘Souled Out’

Jhene Aiko has had a chat with Rap-Up about her forth-coming debut album, Souled Out. Jhene talks on signing with Def Jam, Kid Cudi, Key Wane and Tupac. Jhene even talks on the recent loss of her brother and the song she wrote For My Brother just before he passed.

Although Jhene has been around since B2K times and even featured on a track with them, I only came across her when she featured on a track called July with Drake, and instantly looked her up.

I have rinsed her mixtape Sailing Soul(s), so can not wait for her debut album.

My favourite track on the mixtape is Stranger but apparently its about a one night stand!! Defo not my interpretation of the song!

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Oprah Interviews Rihanna in depth! Tears and All

The realness shines through

Finally the moment we have all been waiting for. With all the teasers and everyone talking about it the interview is finally here.

Oprah asks questions about the assault and Rihanna is so real with her answers. I felt myself becoming very emotional as there are many things that Rihanna discusses that being a young female I can also relate to. I always remind myself that Rihanna is a very young female with the whole world watching her grow up and I think that this interview is going to remind the world of this.

Rihanna is an inspiration and although she dislikes being referred to as a role model I think that she has been a role model to many up and coming and successful people.

Just one thing though… I needed to know about DRAKE!!! DAMN


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August 20, 2012 · 10:03 AM