Chris Brown’s Camp Claim Tattoo is not of Rihanna

The world went crazy yesterday when photographs of Chris Brown’s new tattoo were released. On first look the comparison drawn between the tatt and pics of Rihanna’s badly bruised face did look suspiciously alike.

I admit I was in shock at the tatt at first too. HOWEVER, research baby research!!

Chris Brown’s camp have spoken on behalf of him saying that the tattoo is actually a MAC design which has been based upon a Mexican festival called Day Of The Dead. 

It also looks like the swirls that have been taken from the Candy Skull design have been mistaken by the masses for Rihanna’s cuts and bruises.

So in a few days when the tattoo is less swollen and more clear it should all look a bit clearer!

But i do feel slightly sorry for Karrueche, (Chris Brown’s girlfriend) who is going to be kissing all upon that!


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