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VIDEO: Jade Avia’s Flavours – Special Ackee and Saltfish with Bacon

I was bored whilst awaiting my girlies and decided to cook up a feast for when my vegetarian and non-pork eating friends arrive to bring in the New Year.

ackee thumbnail

I’m not sure if there will be another episode but hey, let’s see how this one goes down 🙂

Check out what happens.

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GOSSIP: Kim Kardashian & Kanye are Pregnant

Wow last day of the year and Kanye and Kim drop this one on us! Kimye-Pregnant

I’ve been watching as Kim has been putting pics of Kanye’s performances on her Instagram.

They have been hitting the news because Kanye has been delivering unexpected speeches including his “Grammy Snubs”.

Kanye defo saved the biggest speech for last night when he announced his girlfriend Kim Kardashian is having a baby!

They met 8 years ago but just 8 months into their relationship they are expecting their first baby.  awwww


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Looks like all the PR stunts that Bad Gal Ri Ri has been pulling has back fired. This naughty nosey parker caught her good! Reminds me of those pics your mate would take on holiday and use as bribery lol!!

Looking great though Ri Ri. But my bums bigger 🙂

rihanna starkers 2rihanna starkers

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CELEB CHIT CHAT : Keith Lemon crashes in on @JadeAvia & @OfficialKojo

When I heard we were going to be interviewing Keith Lemon I wondered if we might actually get to meet Leigh Francis (the man inside of Keith Lemon) Oh I was so wrong! lol

Keith Lemon Jade Avia

Check out what happened when Keith Lemon joined me and Kojo on Choice Breakfast below 😉


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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Jessie Ware – Sweet Talk

I have heard this name buzzing around for a while now but as you may have noticed I have been so busy with the Breakfast show and other projects I haven’t had much chance to  really sit and enjoy all the new bits and bobs popping up online.

However,  I am so glad I came across this “soundtrack to my life” tune right now. I really love it and if you have ever felt smitten than you will also be able to relate.

I love the creativity of the video and the young girl plays the role so well.

Check Out Jessie Ware – Sweet Talk



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GOSSIP: Trinidad James Signed for $2 million

After many other offers, the boutique shop owner turn rapper, Trinidad James has finally inked a deal worth $2 million with Def Jam.

Some may have thought he was a joke at first including myself. However his uniqueness and his ability to stand out from the rest is undeniable. Trinidad James took the world by storm with his track and music video “All Gold Everything”.

Is it just me or does he look like Lil Z from City of Gods??

First thing I thought when I saw the video a few months back was ” Lil Ze turned rapper now??!!”

Trinidad James vs Lil Ze

Check Out his reaction to being signed on Power 106

Trinidad James – All Gold Everything

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