CELEB CHIT CHAT: Hangover 3 stars Bradley Cooper & @edhelms talk hangover cures and tight trousers on Capital XTRA!!



Hilarious stars Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms from the smash hit trilogy of Hangover films joined Jade and Kojo in the Choice FM studio this week!

The sexy duo joined Jade and Kojo in the studio where they discussed Hangover Part 3 including what we can expect to see in the movie, which sounds as mad and chaotic as the first two parts, and about the characters of Stu and Phil, played by Bradley and Ed.

Are the Hangover stars as crazy and outrageous in real life as they are in the movie!? Well, Ed reveals that he hasn’t hung off of the side of Caesars Palace, but he has sky dived!

Kojo and Jade couldn’t let the interview pass without talking about hangovers as they discovered what advice Ed had about hangover cures for the listeners. It’s all about hydration…and a tequila!

I’m sure the ladies will appreciate Jade’s discussion with Bradley and Ed about their hot booties too! Bradley shares his issues with tight trousers on set of the film and Jade gives Ed’s booty a rating out of 10..

Check out the hilarious interview and how Jade rates Ed’s cute butt in the interview below!

LittleGem [@xlittlegemx]


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