NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Remember X Factor Contestants @MK1official? Well They’re Back!

Mk1JADEAVIAX Factor contestants MK1 are back! They didn’t make it too far on the show but that certainly didn’t slow them down as they release their first single!

MK1 were booted off of the X Factor at week three but they have shown you don’t necessarily have to win to carry on making music. With the likes of Jahmene Douglas, Misha B and the mighty One Direction as examples its easy to understand that you don’t have to win to make it.

Let Go will be the duo’s debut single and although I had my suspicions if the two would just be a remake of the dismembered N-Dubz, their sound is surprisingly different and a standout from any other British single on the charts right now.

Checkout the two get wild in the video for Let Go that officially be released come August 4th below!

Rakeem [@RakeemOfficial]


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