NEW MUSIC VIDEO: @BigSean – Fire Starring @MileyCyrus!!

Yahoo! Wireless Festival - Day 3


Big Sean‘s reign has finally begun! With his second album Hall Of Fame scheduled for release August 27th, he wastes no time in dropping his first video. But funnily enough Sean isn’t even in the video, only Miley Cyrus!

For all those who are expecting Miley to twerk be warned, this is not that type of video… far from it. Instead we are met with an artistic and in some shots an awe-inspiring and striking visual.

I guess it is something expected as it was filmed by Matthew Williams the art director and music consultant for Kanye‘s Yeezus!

Sean had this to say about the video:

Miley’s character in the visual represents a metaphor for people who may have changed and evolved into something beautiful, who have evolved past certain relationships—the picture of me burning symbolizes an old romance and coming out victorious and beautiful as a flower….”

Checkout the video to Fire below!

Rakeem [@RakeemOfficial]


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