GOSSIP: @FloydMayweather Wins & Is escorted by who?!



Some were wondering if the underdog would take it but it seems Mayweather is still the man and now even the Beliebers know who he is!

It wasn’t the dramatic knock out that I always look forward to in boxing but Mayweather 36, took the fight against 23 year old Mexican Saul Alvarez aka Canelo  (which means cinnamon, i’m guessing that has something to do with his hair colour?) Mayweather took it by majority vote.

No doubt Mayweather’s hype men Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber would like to think they had something to do with the win. Trust Mayweather to get escorted to the ring with both on either side as Lil Wayne rapped away in the back ground.

But think about it though.. How would you like to be escorted to the ring?? I would get Drake to share a magic carpet ride with me through the arena as we eat grapes and sing Take Care together 🙂

Enjoy the pics 😉 I’m going to sleep now x


Floyd Mayweather Jr., Canelo Alvarez



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