NEW MUSIC: @Drake Performs “Too Much” ft Sampha… And Scarlett Jo-who??

Drake Performing too much


I can not wait for this album to drop! Hurry up already Nothing Was The Same out on 24th September and Drake teases us even more with this performance of Too Much… and Scarlett Johansson and Drake??

Drake gave a beautifully captivating 🙂 performance of Too Much alongside our very own Londoner, Sampha Sisay, who is otherwise known for his work with SBTRKT.


Scarlett Johansson is clearly onto Drake, the body language was all like

“Take Me Drake I’m Yours” as she flicked her hair and giggled when Drake kissed her hand.

Followed by Drake saying “It’s Mandatory to kiss the hand of Scar-Jo” Bla bla bla pet names already?! bla bla

The thing that makes me sad is that they actually make a cute couple. I’m sad, and if you are a female then I know you are too.

This is Drake and Scarlett Johansson staring into eachothers eyes so lovingly. BACK UP OFF MY MAN DOUCHE BAG!

Drake Scarlett Johansson

Que the “Drake and Scarlett Johansson” rumours 😥

No seriously I’m going to bed now 🙂



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