GOSSIP: @iamwill sues @Pharrell!?



All is not well between the two super-producers as it has been revealed that will.i.am is suing Pharrell Williams over his YouTube channel which is named ‘i am OTHER‘ because it resembles his own ‘i.am’ branding!

TMZ reported that Will is not happy that Pharrell’si am OTHER’ has a close resemblance of his own ‘i.am‘ brand and did throw Pharrell a warning in the form of a cease and desist letter demanding Pharrell remove the ‘i am’ from this YouTube channel. Pharrell however did not back down and decided to defend his own channel but has now been given court documents from the Black Eyed Peas frontman!

This could all get a bit messy if Will.i.am decides to take things further, as he has also claimed that Pharrell has infringed multiple trademarks! Pharrell is standing his ground and is adamant that ‘i am OTHER’ does not “infringe, dilute or unfairly compete” with Will’s branding.

Watch this space for more developments about the ‘i am‘ battle! What do you think? Will people get confused between the two ‘i am‘ brands? Is will.i.am taking it too far, or should Pharrell find another brand name to use? Let us know your thoughts!



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