Let’s Talk Capital XTRA!!!


JADEAVIAHey guys! Come on let’s talk about Capital XTRA!

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of change and in fact to grow you have to develop. Each change is like turning a page in your favourite novel. It’s about closing one chapter and opening another great one.

Capital XTRA will be the UK’s first national commercial urban dance music station!  It will of course be everything and more that we’ve all been apart but getting bigger and even better. You’ll even get the the chance to see some new great talent as well as keeping the best and cheeky like Kojo & Jade with XTRA in the morning!

Craig David and Avicii will even be joining so stay tuned!

Branching throughout the UK we’ll be getting just a bit technical and going to DAB Digital Radio as well as on FM here in London. 

The new launch will be on Monday with Kojo & Jade with XTRA in the morning so see you all bright and early at 6am 😉

Rakeem [@RakeemOfficial]


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