GOSSIP: @ladygaga reveals ‘ARTPOP’ artwork.



Lady Gaga has revealed the artwork for latest studio offering Artpop!

In her usual unique and eclectic style, Gaga intersperses real works of art together to create something different, including a naked sculpture of herself which was created by Jeff Koons and images of the Birth of Venus painting chopped for effect in the background.

Could the images of the Birth Of Venus symbolize the new beginning for the forthcoming album? Gaga has commented that her latest work is close to her heart and has tweeted her excitement about it’s release,

“Please welcome Jeff Koons into our family +shower him with love for the the talents he has shared with us. A pure and genuine collaborator. I’m nervous&excited to share something that’s such a piece of my heart. Something I cherish deeply. A real depiction of my mind through his.”

What do you think of the artwork? I think the sculpture in the artwork is pretty cool but I don’t feel as though Gaga is breaking any barriers or pushing any boundaries as she has done in the past with this… On the flip side though, her music should do the talking and we will have a chance to find out what new material Gaga is bringing to the table when Artpop is released on November 11th!
LittleGem [@xlittlegemx]



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