NEW MUSIC VIDEO: @DizzeeRascal ft. @TeddySky_RedOne – Love This Town



Dizzee Rascal is showing some love for the city of LDN in his latest visuals for track ‘Love This Town‘!

The anthemic track, which has quite a dance feel to it when the chorus drops and Teddy Sky’s vocals kick in, sees Dizzee repping his city as he walks through the streets with his crew.

The video takes quite a twist when Dizzee and the gang appear to cover their faces in masks and target a local shop….to clean it! In fact, throughout the whole video, the gang are seen doing good deeds around the city from potting plants to saving cats who are stuck on top of phone boxes! A clever concept for the video which shows scenes reminiscent of the 2011 riots which spread through London.

Remember seeing and hearing about the story of the man who was mugged during the riots, with people helping themselves to what was in his backpack? Well one of the most prominent scenes in the video comes when the gang target an individual’s backpack, but rather than mugging the passer-by, they give him items and put things into it!

One thing I will say about Dizzee is, he is never afraid to try out new sounds and directions in his different tracks! Do you think he’s on to a winner with this one? Check out the visuals for the dance infused track for yourself below!

LittleGem [@xlittlegemx]


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