WATCH: @JadeAvia’s #LipGlossAndCandyFloss Ft. @PRINCESSNYAH – Ep. 2 – Do Guys Prefer Boss Women!?




Jade’s very own Girl Talk ‘LipGlossAndCandyFloss’ Show is back for it’s second sexy installment and this time the girls discuss boss bitches! Do guys prefer them!? Let’s find out what Jade and her girls Adi, Shantel, Alex and special guest Princess Nyah have to say about it!

Unsure if you’re a boss bitch? Well don’t fret, Jade and the gals chat about what it means to be a boss bitch and the war of dominance in an emerging relationship!

Do girls thrive on attention? What happens when the attention becomes too much? Princess Nyah is here to set you straight about her opinion on why being a boss bitch is not a bad thing!

Catch the girls giving you their take on relationships and the pros and cons of being a boss bitch, keeping your standards high and keeping him on his toes in this latest episode!

Get your weekly taster of LipGlossAndCandyFloss below!

LittleGem [@xlittlegemx]


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