WATCH: @JadeAvia’s #LipGlossAndCandyFloss|EP 3 – Dating & Seeing Other People!! #GirlTalk

LipGloss and CandyFlossLipGloss2

JADEAVIAJade’s ‘LipGlossAndCandyFloss’ show is back again in it’s third installment of naughty talk featuring her housemates! Let’s catch up with the gang and their outrageous, candid girl talk!

There was no messing around this week, Jade and her housemates Adi, Shantel, Alex dive right in!

Joined by a male guest a.k.a Mr Clued Up to help give (or rather defend) a male perspective, this week they talk about those *ahem* encounters you may have with someone whilst your in a ‘relationship’ that hasn’t yet been declared exclusive! Is this okay?

Baggage? Hurt feelings? Would you be okay with your partner doing this even though it hasn’t been given a label? What do you think?

Let us know!

Get your weekly taster of #LipGlossAndCandyFloss right here!

Rakeem [@RakeemOfficial]


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