WATCH: @JadeAvia’s #LipGlossAndCandyFloss | EP 5 – Top Dating Deal Breakers with @PRINCESSNYAH #Girltalk



It’s that time of the week again! Time you get your weekly fix of honest, real, straight-up girl-talk with our very own Jade Avia and her feisty housemates Adi, Shantel and Alex and this week featuring Princess Nyah! What’s on the agenda this week? Dating deal breakers!

Imagine you’ve met the perfect guy but…there’s something that just doesn’t do it for you! It might be that he has bad habits, hygiene issues or something about the way he looks, but either way it can be a major turn off and deal-breaker to end the relationship!

In this latest episode, get an insight into the no-holds-barred house-mate’s major deal-breakers! There’s issues with teeth, baby-daddy status’ and lack of driving licenses and driving confidence!

Each to their own…and guys, if you have messed up teeth and are wearing light blue jeans then I’m afraid Jade won’t be entertaining that shit!

What’s your deal breaker? Watch and learn people-indulge in your weekly taster of LipGlossAndCandyFloss and click the link below!

LittleGem [@xlittlegem]


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