NEW MUSIC VIDEO: @kanyewest – Bound 2 (Co-Starring @KimKardashian) !!!

Kanye Kim Bound 2

JADEAVIAThe video that has everyone talking! Be sure to check this out! It’s Kanye West‘s Bound 2 music video featuring fiancé Kim Kardashian!

The long-awaited music video has finally been released!

It was recently announced that Kanye was to premiere Bound 2 on Ellen Degeneres‘ show and that has indeed finally happened.

The video however, has the entire Twittersphere and more talking about a certain someone else who co-stars in the video – Kim Kardashian. The baby mother to Yeezus himself can be seen in a variety of cheeky shots either in a swimming suit or partially naked!

You would think that would be enough but at times the risqué shots show the couple amidst infatuation whilst riding together on the same motorbike… or at least that is what is supposed to be happening. The rest should be left for you to work out!

Cheap? Endearing? Simple? Artistic? What do you think of Bound 2?

Rakeem [@RakeemOfficial]


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