NEW MUSIC: @JColeNC Drops A New Mixtape Unannounced!!! Here Is “Revenge Of The Dreamers”

J Cole Revenge Of The Dreamers


All the J Cole fans stand up! The New York emcee has just sneakily dropped a whole mixtape! Checkout Revenge Of The Dreamers right here!

Well, if you didn’t know today is J Cole‘s birthday! The mighty rapper is turning a whole 29 years of age! Who would of thought he was so… mature.

Regardless, as perhaps a birthday gift to himself as well as his fans across the globe he has dropped a mixtape made up of 11 songs.

The tracks themselves include surprising appearances from his Dreamville family which include the likes of Bas and Omen.

*Disclaimer* hardcore Bas and J Cole fans  need to check out song no.4 !


Surprisingly, the Crooked Smile rapper even covers Tupac’s Ambitionz az a Ridah (Lil’ Niggaz).

Stream and download the birthday gift to all by clicking on the link below!



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