#CUTSHAPESUNDAY | Newbie Nerdz (@NewbieNerdz) – Everytime



So it’s that time of the week again! Time for me to bring you the freshest house track out there that has me cutting dodecahedrons on the dance floor (ok maybe my kitchen floor). It’s #CutShapeSunday!

Deep? Electro? Soulful? Afro?

Regardless, each and every Sunday I will be selecting a hot new record that I’ve heard and now so will you!

Ok, this Sunday we are taking a bit of a different approach to last week letting the beat literally take control! Everytime by Newbie Nerdz is a banger guys!

Everytime features as a bit of an escapist experience with a catchy hook, infectious mellow (ish) beat and brings forth that cut-shapes-in-the-corner-of-a-grimey-club type vibe. It’s everything.

So as you do, check out the #CutShapeSunday record of the week below and check out the rest of the Newbie Nerdz‘ stuff on their soundcloud, as well as the option to purchase Everytime here. Have a good Sunday… a #CutShapeSunday that is.



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