GOSSIP: OUCHHH!!! Me @ The Biggest Urban Cycling event @NocturneSeries

Jade @ Nocturne



I was invited down to take part in one of the worlds biggest Urban Cycling events called The @NocturneSeries, I took part in the most professional race of them all… The Boris Bike Race.

It was a celebrity Barclays Bike Race, so obvs I thought how hard could this be??!! Little did I know the laps were bloody massive and we had to do 4 of them (5 including the practice run) !! GAAA I actually almost died.

It was fun racing against The Rough Copy boys, the ones from X Factor, leather Skirts and quirky Knee pads… Remember?? Cool guys. Jeanette Kwakye who is lovely! very beautiful character and went in during the race too! She is a previous Olympic sprinter though so she had an advantage! Mikill Pane, a rapper from London who is actually so cute, but killed it during the race as unfortunately he is a regular biker! Oh and the final celeb racer was Andy Samuels, I tried googling him but not quite sure who he is tbh. Lol. something to do with 1 Direction.

Anywho thought I’d share some of the pics with your sexy bum! Hope you like


Jade Avia xx



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