#RatedR: 10 Reasons Why You Should Download PARTYNEXTDOOR’s Two Album! (@PARTYOMO)



PARTYNEXTDOOR has released his debut album this week and I give you 10 reasons why you should give it a listen. #RatedR

PARTYNEXTDOOR born Jahron  Anthony Brathwaite, is the latest and finest export from Canada’s Missisuaga since… well really since no one else, but you get the point.

With his new album TWO released this past week, it acts as a highly anticipated moment since the release of his self-titled E.P last summer. To some, PARTY burst the dingy, dimly lit underground pipelines, underneath the busy over-populated streets filled with scantily Givenchy– adorned and molly-endorsing “rappers”. PARTY has truly begun bashing through his own constructed lane of genre, sound and subject matter that really does not exist beyond the realms of his affiliated OVO Sound camp.

His opening self-titled, self-produced and self-engineered EP caught the unsuspecting ears of fans both sides of the Atlantic, and with his complete first album now available, I let you in on why you should go about downloading it.

  1. Finally Full Length Tracks

    Those who have been accustomed to replaying PARTYNEXTDOOR the E.P incessantly this past year know full well the frustrations of this. Break From Toronto, TBH, Welcome To The Party, the distinction that should have been between Wus Good/Curious. To a certain extent, perhaps Persian Rugs‘ ability to leave you wanting more is all down to a lack of a formulaic first verse, chorus, second verse, ch… you get the picture.

  2. SLS

    Sampling Dru Hill‘s My Whole World (yes you read that correctly) SLS acts as an unknowing crescendo of misunderstood goodness. Like really, rap genius came in handy on this one! SLS apparently throws reference to a hotel in Florida, a state which is referenced throughout the album. SLS acts as an uproar of slowjam-intro to hype record, blasting your devotion to your imaginary ex chick hoping she’ll one day come to her senses.


  3. PARTY is somewhat of an enigma

    He’s no 2 Chainz featured on everyone and their grandma’s hook, no Nicki Minaj with a legion of titled fans, you won’t catch him sitting front row at a basketball game doing a Rihanna and hopefully certainly no Yeezy rant. PARTY is somewhat of an elusive character and it is this that is somewhat reminiscent to Kendrick Lamar‘s Tumblr presence before Kendrick Lamar was even Kendrick Lamar. Not every artist is meant for the commercialised limelight  and this is what has helped form a strong fanbase. He’s your favourite artist because he’s blatantly not your favourite artist’s favourite artist.

  4. He likes Disclosure

    Who doesn’t? In case you haven’t noticed Sex On The Beach samples Disclosure‘s infectious hit Latch featuring Sam Smith. Sex On The Beach acts as one of the best songs on the album. Contradictory to my earlier point, perhaps this is down to the commercial sound and relatable ability of Latch or its good ‘soundingness’. Regardless, the sample initially comes at a bit of a shock. Not only has someone managed to sample a deep-house-pop record, but match this amongst the un-labelled genre that PARTY has invented for himself. Oh, and do it so well of course.

  5. What genre is this?

    What exactly does PARTY‘s music classify as?  How in this time has he been able to singlehandedly create a new musical lane for himself? Does it even matter? Surely we just go with the flow and instinctively it is this that has drawn us to continue listening to his music? PARTY is indeed unique and this is what has him winning.

  6. Grown Woman

    Unlike Sex On The Beach, Grown Woman battles for the album’s top spot as far as best song goes. Where TWO hits and misses at times with records such as East Liberty, Thirsty and Bout It, Grown Woman is a triumphant example of the great unique, honest sound and meaning that PARTY has helped to present his music as. Of course as with the entire album, it is mainly produced and written by himself and continues where Ballin and Wus Good/Curious ended.

  7. Drink, Drive and Smoke music?

    At times you find yourself questioning whether TWO is actually a stronger effort than the self-titled E.P. Is the album better than the E.P/mixtape?  The same question is one that haunts the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Tyga fans worldwide. However, perhaps it isn’t a question of which is better but how you can enjoy it better. Consequently, this is all down to mood and may it even be argued that for the album to be better enjoyed, it must be experienced within the correct setting…

  8. FWU

    What may go over the heads of the 808 expectant, FWU is reminiscent to SLS as far as the art of PARTYNEXTDOOR crescendo goes. Trying to find peace with a girl who is continuously at war with him, PARTY takes you on more of a lyrical game of scream-and-shout-my-feelings. But it works.

  9. Drake Knows

    Alike Majid Jordan and OB OBrien, Drake and the OVO squad know exactly what they’re doing with this one. Think back, when did you first hear about PARTY? Wasn’t the first initial presentation of OB O’Brien on 2 On/Thotful that featured Drake himself? Wasn’t it during the time NWTS was soon to be released that Drake dropped The Motion and PARTY‘s Over Here that he featured on? Promotion at its finest.


  10. Recognize

    On the subject of Drake, Recognize is just ‘that’ song. It’s a photo finish on how close the differentiation between top songs go and Recognize is indeed one of them. Single and video worthy (something of which we are not completely used too) Recognize as well as tracks such as Wus Good/Curious, Persian Rugs, Ballin and Over Here will – for now- remain as PARTYNEXTDOOR‘s musical stint of legacy.


@RakeemOmar #RatedR


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