BRAND NEW MUSIC: @Chrisbrown x @Diplo – X

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We are just under a month away from the release of Chris Brown‘s sixth studio album “X” (16th September), and it’s no secret that Chris was planning on releasing another single from his album to follow up “New Flame” and it’s here!

Yesterday Chris Brown released the album titled, Diplo produced single “X” and it’s definitely a banger! With the iconic Diplo drop it’s clear to see that Chris Brown is enjoying the world of EDM.

I mean did you see him vibzeing on his kitchen counter to the tune before he even dropped it… but come on Chris people are going to prepare food on there at least take your shoes off.

The good thing is that Chris Brown is at least promising us that he’s not going back no more. Any guesses as to who he’s talking about? I know the album is called “X” but i really hope every song can’t be related to Rihanna... I really don’t want to have to think about her during every song.

Meanwhile Rihanna’s been trying to fool us all,  being snapped at another Drake show, he’s a good guy, I love him. But I can imagine Rihanna’s face when she heard this 😮 * picks up her phone texts Drake*


I ain’t going back no more

I swear to God I’m moving on

Let’s hope Chris can stick to his word this time. I mean he definitely seems to be sprung on “on/off girlfriend Karrueche recently. Did you see this?

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 09.29.46


Anyway that’s enough gossip, great music and speculation for one Saturday morning. I need to get ready as im judging a talent show at a festival today and filming for my reality show afterwards 🙂

peace out sexy bums. Luh Yuh xx

Jade xx ❤







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