Meet Little Gem

gemHey guys, my name is Gem and I’ll be blogging alongside the lovely Jade to keep you all up to date on the latest music news and gossip!I’m passionate about music of all genres but love my RnB and Hip Hop! Whenever I have the time, I enjoy going to gigs to catch my favourite artists performing live; you can’t beat the atmosphere of being at an amazing gig!

My favourite artist right now is definitely Iggy Azalea [@IGGYAZALEA]. This girl is so fierce-in both her music and fashion. Amazing talent and attitude, as well as a super booty ;-) Her song ‘Work’ is currently on repeat on my iPod!

A few random facts:

Favourite food: Mexican! I love spicy food.

Favourite item of clothing: I don’t have a favourite item of clothing, BUT I am a little obsessed with accessories-bags and shoes! My favourite bag is my Mulberry…although I have my eye on a Chanel 2.5-A girl can dream!

Most embarrassing Moment: Currently I work in education so I have multiple embarrassing moments every day-children can be brutally honest and if they don’t like the shoes/clothes you are wearing, they WILL tell you!

I look forward to blogging alongside Jade, so keep an eye out for future posts guys! ;-)

LittleGem [@xlittlegemx]


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