Meet Rakeem

Introducing Rakeem!

Hey guys!

I guess you can say I am sorta kinda addicted to music. I love R&B and Hip-Hop but… I am one of those people who say they listen to everything. I am not ashamed to say that my IPod does indeed contain everything from Bob Marley to 2 Chainz and Disclosure to Mumford & Sons.

*sidenote* Mumford & Sons are greatness I refuse to be judged

However, despite my broad sense of musical taste I also love to write about it and hopefully you will be able to see quite a bit of it in good form here!

Now for the random facts:

Favourite Childhood game: I don’t really have favourites per say but I dare anyone to challenge me to a lengthy game of Monopoly. I LOVED that game growing up!

Most Embarrassing Moment: Ashamedly I’m actually one of the clumsiest people you will ever meet. Falling up stairs (yes UP stairs), getting caught in tube doors at rush hour, walking into open doors and tripping over in the street…. Yeah let’s just stop there!

Person I Would Most Like To Spank: This question is hilarious! But with no hesitation Cassie Ventura! *wipes forehead* :-P

So with that over with I look forward to blogging here on Jade’s site and hope you guys enjoy as much as I will be!

Twitter – @RakeemOmar



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